Barcelona Attractions Map

By Gerd, 26 May, 2023

Barcelona Card (Express), Articket, Arqueoticket

Imagine you have bought the Barcelona Card, you are standing in the city and are asking yourself: "What attractions near my current location did I pay for?"

Here is the solution: 

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Using Barcelona CardAfter selecting Arqueoticket: Some attractions are displayed with rebate, others without rebate directly on the map

Supported city cards:

Barcelona Card, Barcelona Card Express, Barcelona Card FamilyArqueoticket, Articket Barcelona

The Barcelona Attractions Map App is usable and useful without these cards. In this case the attractions are shown with the symbol of their category.

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What's open today or tomorrow?

If you're in Barcelona on a Sunday, some attractions are not open, others have short opening hours. On Mondays, most museums are closed, but not all. On holidays, everything is different. Looking up all thos opening hours can be time consuming and frustrating.

Using the Barcelona Attractions Map, you can say: only show what's open today from now on or what's open tomorrow or both together:

There is a second functionality behind "open today":

Usually all opening hours and exception days of an attraction is shown on the map. Using this filter, only the opening hours of today or tomorrow or both are shown. This saves space and makes the information faster to grasp:

Adaptive opening hours

If "Open:" is blue, then it is a link to the original web page showing the opening hours. In this case the opening hours of the chocolate museum. When in doubt, the opening hours of the original website are correct.

Sunset and dark mode

Some parks are open til sunset. The app calculates the sunset on that day at the location.

Dark mode is supported

Sunset is calculated; two examples shown: left in light mode, right in dark mode
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Text seach

You can search for the name (example on the left). "mus" also finds  "Música" .

You can seach for the name of a city card (example on the right). Only attractions supported by this card are shown.

(If you tap on the city card in the menu (green checkmark), rebate informations are displayed on the map, but nothing is filtered out)

One tap on an attraction

See prices, supporting city cards, opening hours etc if available.

Depending on your choice, you see the walking, public transport or driving route, including time to your destination from your current location.

Prices, opening hours, route, time
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Public transport

The public transport route is calculated with real time data by, the local public transport provider of Barcelona.

Choose the fastest or nicest route while staying on the map.

The official colours of the routes are used.

Public transport Barclona by TMB

Round symbols are busses.

Rectangular symbols with F are funiculars.

Other rectangular symbols are metro or tram.

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Mark attractions

Tap on the heart in the info box and the heart will appear on the map.

Tap on the green checkmark and the checkmark will appear on the map

You can see now immediately on the map where you want to go and where you've been.

Mark attractions
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Once you add a heart or a checkmark to an attraction, it automatically appears in your plan.

Each collection in your plan has a colour and can have a date.

Each attraction shows opening hours for that date or closed if the attraction has closed at that date.


Download the free Attractions Map app for an interactive map, and detailed information about Barcelona's beaches and other attractions:

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